Warren Wildes

Way back in 1980, in a small local church, a few musicians formed what some would call an "UM-PAH" band, mostly playing polkas. The band needed a trumpet player and they learned that Warren Wildes had bought an old "beat-up" horn for $25.

Warren had last played trumpet in high school 25 years before. His love for Dixieland Jazz (first encountered at parties in college) helped him persuade the band to make the change to Traditional Jazz (Dixieland).

Within a year, the makeup of the band underwent some remarkable changes. Suddenly the music got much better as three new young players brought great talent and several years of Dixieland experience to what became the Lake Johanna Dixieland Ramblers.

Three wonderful years of learning about Dixieland music, and how to play it with these extraordinary musicians, made its mark on Warren. Later these young men went on to become professionals and two still play with the Barbary Coast Dixieland Band in the Twin Cities and all around the country!

Warren then put his horn away to tend to his engineering business and missed the music big time. He found that his annual trips to the San Diego Dixieland Jazz Festival at Thanksgiving reminded him of what he missed so much. He stayed in touch with his young friends (now much older) and through the years their inspiration helped him rekindle an old dream 25 years later.

Warren's thirst for Dixieland music made him realize that he needed to start a band. He sought out band members within the church choir, Brass Ensemble, and others at Centennial United Methodist Church in Roseville.

The Stompers began to play starting in 2013. Over the years we have added a singer and more instrumentalists, both regular and guests.  All together we have a lot of fun playing Dixieland music!